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Are you looking for?

  1. A new staff member for your software development team
  2. Resolving your testing problems
  3. Substantially reducing your maintenance and migration costs for your legacy applications
  4. Additional resources to top up your existing development team
  5. The right partner for offshore software development

iBoss can help !!

People are our biggest asset

  1. A software development company in india with most talented IT minds on board with top-notch technical educational background
  2. ISO 9001 compliance, this ensures cost savings, through improved efficiency and productivity, as product or service
  3. Real-world quality custom software development experience
  4. Unquenchable desire to perform, delivering results each time you work with us
  5. An individual zeal to make your outsource software development efforts successful

We know the reason you are here: To Save Money

  1. No monthly salaries or recurring expenditure on training
  2. No employee benefits such as 401(k) and workman's compensation
  3. No employment taxes or security benefits
  4. No software development overheads for infrastructure
  5. Choose an outsource software development model that suits you  Know More
  6. Pay only for the hours we work for you  Know More

One thing that you don’t want to do: Take Risk

  1. Full time availability of resources
  2. No social indemnity upon temporary offshore software development india team dismissal
  3. You will have all the rights of the source code and it will be owned by you
  4. We promise you transparency
  5. If a programmer leaves the job it is our responsibility to replace him/her and transfer project knowledge

We are ISO 27001 compliant

  1. Security personnel 24x7 with advanced security monitoring systems
  2. No third party access to our premises
  3. We respect your data and confidentiality and protect it through our 3-tier security framework
  4. Secured internet, intranet and e-mail access. We provide network security by firewall, DMZ, IDS/IPS, anti spam
  5. 24x7 power back-up give you uninterrupted power supply for seamless operations

Change ready teams, change ready software

  1. Dedicated offshore software developers working just for you 8h x 5days/ week
  2. Choose the best programmer out of our pool of offshore programmers
  3. We can meet your on demand resource and infrastructure requirements for both small and large projects
  4. A huge network of resources and human resource banks gives us the flexibility for ramping up the team

An adaptable approach to software delivery

  1. We give you the freedom to propagate your own corporate procedures, systems and management techniques
  2. We give you total control over the resources and processes
  3. You can stay connected with the offshore programmers using IMs, local VOIP number during our working hours and get regular updates from them
  4. Your business values drive our approaches
  5. We have standard recruitment procedures

Ideal iBoss Customers are:

Simply speaking, companies looking for offshore software development at an affordable price as an extension to their current IT teams

We love to have partners including independent software vendors (ISVs), IT departments from various industries and verticals, software development companies, web development companies who are passionate about deploying breakthrough technologies to create competitive advantages by hiring offshore resources as a part of their teams

We know you have questions

To help you decide whether outsourcing custom software development is right for your business, we have collected a few answers to common questions that our prospective clients generally have:

  1. How much does a custom software development usually cost?
  2. How can I be sure private data will be secured?
  3. How can I ensure outsourcing will be successful for me?
  4. How do I get started with setting up team with you?
  5. What are the software development standards that you offer?

Know More

Serving with excellence in outsourced software development and back office operations

Serving with excellence in outsource software development and back office operations

iBoss Tech Solutions Private Limited is an offshore software development company india with a global development center in Noida (National Capital Region, India) and an office in California, US. We aim to provide you with the latest in outsource software development at an affordable price and expected quality.

Our competencies lie in providing quality software development services by setting up dedicated software resources and are committed towards achieving high levels of customer satisfaction through cost effective and timely solutions in custom software development, product development, re-engineering and testing services.

Software Dedicated Programmers Team