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ERP and Growth of SME Business

  • ERP and Growth of SME Business

    Enterprise resource planning (ERP Software) is heading its way across all SME’s, globally. 10% CAGR, forecasted for the period of 2014-2020, is the reflection of its widespread acceptance, penetration, and the success. Though, many small and medium businesses are now realizing the potential of business automation practise through setting up one of the best available ERP Software in a market, for increasing the efficiency of their business systems and processes; many regrets due to the wrong choice made by them. Negative consequences make its way when the choice is made, without keeping in mind the prerequisites of ERP Software considering ERP software’s alignment with the future growth and expansion of your business.

    Disappointment is prevailing because many ERP software company in India are unable to understand the basic requirement of individual business and its expansion practices. As a consumer of ERP software and system, one must be aware of the types of ERP software and system. Mainly two types exist. Traditional ERP and SaaS or Cloud ERP. There are many advantages of the Cloud ERP Software but the chief one is the flexibility of alignment it offers as your SME business grows and expands.

    Alignment between the growth of ERP Software and Business is one of the utmost factors to consider, without any doubt, while making the choice for the type of Enterprise Resource Planning Software that any SME chooses. Below points will make it clear that why Cloud or SaaS ERP software leads, by aligning with SME Business growth and expansion.

    1). Nil re-investment in ERP software and system as business grows and expands, is the chief advantage:
    Traditional ERP is the one, where a software license is purchased and is installed at business office premises. A physical server, hardware, and IT facilities & related work force are the basic capital expense. PATTERN REPEATS WHEN YOUR BUSINESS GROWS. SME are forced to upgrade their ERP software and hardware facilities. In addition hiring of extra IT work force may be the case.
    2). Scalability of the Cloud ERP Software is easy, smooth, flexible and fast as business expands, vertically & horizontally:
    When a business expands to the multi-location operation, multi-division operation, multi-company operation, THEN, adding users, functionalities, features, workflows, and information-processing capacity in the existing traditional ERP Software requires additional expenses and time. It may also lead to outdated modules & updates and customization.
    3). Disaster recovery is not SME’s burden:
    Why invest time, money, people in back-up & restoration of data?

    In a nutshell, Traditional ERP software does not coordinate with the pace of your business growth, mainly during expansion stages. It requires additional investment. It lags behind with the rate of SME business growth and expansion. The updates, customization and functionality improvement of such ERP software acts like a friction to your highly paced workflow and system.

    However, the question still remains, that how Cloud ERP Software or SaaS ERP Software designed by Novosales vanishes above hurdles and aligns with the SME business growth and expansion?

    It’s simple! Because it’s cloud-based “ON-DEMAND” SaaS ERP Software. Here, SME businesses are not required to purchase software & hardware and to recruit IT personnel for maintenance, up gradation & customization of ERP software. Simple internet based subscription of ERP Software makes it flexible to use and run, from any place at any time. It is like plug and play.

    Go through the customer case study, to have a glimpse, that how Novosales SaaS or Cloud based ERP software is in alignment with your SME business growth and expansion.

    Jul 04, 2017

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