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ERP Doubles the Business Growth

  • ERP Doubles the Business Growth

    Manufacturing ERP software builds efficient manufacturing plant floor operations and increases the rate of business growth particularly of small and medium scale industries. Old ways of doing paper-based and manual processes related to business operations, workflow and even management will only slow down the pace of business growth and lead to higher probabilities of errors. In current globalized trade and commerce, competition demands quality and time efficiency along with the best service delivery for sustaining businesses. Manufacturing ERP software is designed keeping in mind the above aspects of manufacturing businesses. Manufacturing ERP software replaces the traditional manufacturing business processes and operations to double your business growth.

    Cloud based Manufacturing ERP software targets below three areas for increasing efficiency in business operations & workflow for accurate decision making and effective management:

    Data Management

    Central Management of your business’s data ensures broader visibility. The entire team of employees can look at the data from anywhere at any time. Therefore, Manufacturing ERP software lets everyone from manufacturing plant floor to top management executives for making effective and accurate decisions based on real-time data. Quality and continuous process improvement are the core utility of cloud ERP.

    b>Supply Chain Management

    Cloud based Manufacturing ERP Software integrates all the employees, channels, and vendors, leveraging them transparency, real-time movement of goods, shipments, logistics, efficient inventory management, and timely service delivery. Cloud ERP improves the communication process along various business channels with broader visibility into the manufacturing operations and process, suppliers, vendors and customers.

    Flexibility in Access to data

    Small and medium scale enterprises when connected without any hindrances due to location and time, doubles the efficiency of your business operations and processes ultimately leading to doubled growth. Anytime and anywhere kind of flexibility for data access by both offsite as well as an on-site team is one of the core offerings of Cloud based Manufacturing ERP Software.

    Novoasales offers cloud based SaaS Manufacturing ERP software on a subscription basis. Cloud ERP software bring below scenarios in manufacturing industries to double your business growth, viz:
    1). Ability to track 100 percent inventory all around the year.
    2). Centralized inventory visibility.
    3). Quality controls.
    4). Faster and quick tracking and traceability in few minutes rather than days.
    5). Reliability in accessing real-time information.
    6). Effective, accurate and proper planning based on production schedules, inventories, and finished goods.

    If your business’s manufacturing operations and processes are in an urgent need to have centralized information for the fast implementation process then Novosales cloud based Manufacturing ER software is your perfect business tool or product.

    In above case study, you will find that how Asco Auto Component Manufacturer in Delhi leveraged
    1). Real-time visibility
    2). Automation of the quality controls process and
    3). Transparency,
    For doubled business growth within a couple of years by eliminating manual processes via implementing Novoasales Cloud based SaaS Manufacturing ERP software.

    Jul 04, 2017

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