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Expectations From Cloud ERP

  • Expectations From Cloud ERP

    These days “CLOUD” and its cousins- “Cloud Computing,” “Cloud Technology,” “Cloud Software,” “Cloud Platform,” “Cloud Services,” and much more are on top of the mind and the main agenda, of nearly all top-level executives, CEOs, CIOs, and Managers. That has to be because “Cloud” has been disruptive to existing models of software service and delivery. A simple statistics that globally manufacturing industries are witnessing double rate growth by implementing one of the best cloud ERP software; tells the success story of cloud ERP software. However, there are still many misconceptions prevailing related to the effectiveness of Cloud ERP Software. But, there are many things to consider before you get the desired expectations of Cloud ERP Software in your business growth.

    Let us first have a brief overview that what is making Cloud ERP software not able to deliver the expectation and what you should go for.

    You may have come across this views regarding Cloud ERP software that:
    1). My business Data is not safe and secured with Cloud ERP services provider or vendor.
    2). There are accessibility problems as a subscription-based Cloud ERP software service relies on Internet Connection.
    3). Integration of other business software and applications (apart from ERP) is a complex process and thus is undesirable to our business processes and systems.
    4). Easy Self-Customization need and monthly regular updates are not the feature of SaaS-based Cloud ERP software by existing cloud services provider or vendor.

    For clarity, these above scenarios may be in existence in the cloud services; however, Cloud Technology has advanced over time (in past few years). In present times, many Cloud ERP Software Service providers have eliminated such deficiencies and have designed the advanced & upgraded SaaS-based Cloud ERP software. Among such is the “Novosales” which have leveraged the advancement in Cloud Technology and registered the Patent of on-demand Cloud ERP software.

    If you are unsatisfied or have been under the influence that SaaS-based Cloud ERP Software, does not stand up to your needs, utility, functionality (due to increasing business growth rate and non-standard business processes, operations, and systems) then think again?

    Because many Cloud ERP Service providers are a way ahead than their competitors and “Novosales” is one of them

    Now let us see how these evolving and innovative software companies like Novosales offer you the best Cloud ERP software and in others words Cost effective ERP Software. What these Cloud Software companies provide is what you should go for.

    Data Security: Novosales takes all the necessary steps to protect your business data from any kind of threats. In terms of physical security, security measures match the steps that are taken by multinational banks. And, in terms of electronic security, they have deployed the encrypted connections (VPN connections- Virtual Private Network)

    Cloud ERP modules: As said above that integration of existing business software and systems is difficult to operate and arises complexity in business processes, and operations; then Novosales has eliminated such by offering you complete Cloud ERP Software package which covers all from HR to sales, supply chain to accounts, Customer Service to KPI tracking. Have a look here for the Cloud ERP software Modules.

    Accessibility: No scope of “low-speed internet affecting Cloud ERP utility” is present. Novosales has leveraged the two ISP for the provision of minimum uptime.

    Customization: Though standard modules do exist, however for businesses having complex, non-standard business processes, operations and systems, such businesses can easily customise and integrate their unique processes and systems with Novosales.

    If your business is growing and expanding, and if, you have made a decision to implement one of the best ERP software available, then, do consider the above facts and scenarios. In order to have best Cloud ERP software for your business that stands up to your expectations. Do not go for the old Cloud ERP Technology rather for the advanced Cloud ERP Software, which is few in the software industry, like Novosales Cloud ERP Software.

    Jul 04, 2017

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