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Data Entry Automation System Case Study

About the Client

The client provides a number of high quality Finance & Insurance products in the US market primarily used in the automotive and other motor vehicle industries (such as the RV/trailer, marine and the power sports). These include, but are not limited to, theft protection, debt cancellation, road hazard protection, excess wear and tear protection, and vehicle component identification.

The Challenge

Physical presence of paper forms took a lot of space, which would have otherwise been used for a more productive activity. The security and reliability of the paper data was also a growing concern. Managing, storing and sharing unsystematic data entered using different excel sheets was another cumbersome activity.

We were chosen as a service provider to automate data entry processes of concurrent users with dual monitors and was provided with high level business requirements document which detailed the high level business goals of the application.

Data Entry Automation System

Key challenges included :

  • Application to support and allocate forms automatically to 80 concurrent uses at any given point of time
  • Application has to allocate different format forms with different fields and categories to the specified users in a group
  • Real time QC process and data validation to be implemented

Technologies Used :

  • Tomcat
  • XML
  • J2EE/ Struts
  • DWR and Java Script
  • Hibernate
  • Netbeans IDE
  • PostgreSQL

The Solution

  • The application was developed using the following technologies:
  • Tomcat as web and application server and Apache Struts as J2EE components
  • Hibernate (Middle-Tier), as a solution for objectrelational- mapping and persistence
  • XML, DWR and Java Script for Web 2.0 ready navigation flow
  • PostgreSQL RDBMS as an open source database
  • 4 resources were deployed on the project development for 3months including a senior developer, developers and QA with expertise in J2EE, Struts, hibernate, XML, JavaScript and Postgres SQL.
  • The project is currently live at the client location.

The Value

  • Absolute accuracy and quick reference is possible to the records processed whenever required with the help of web services and data type restrictions
  • Multi-Threaded online module enabled the company to implement the centralized system that can process as many forms they want, on any given day, categorized by any data field, by a click of a button
  • QC tool for manager to check random forms for quality and reallocation of bad forms in real time
  • Automated allocation of scanned forms to the agents helped increase operational efficiencies

There is nothing much to say about other than the fact that they have been a part of our success story. We have been able to revise our warranty delivery schedules, saving them days and in some cases, weeks, increasing our customer’s trust with us.

– Chief Financial Officer