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Application Development & Support

Be in Complete Control of your IT Systems with our robust Application and Technical Support Systems

A glitch in the system can bring things to a halt while initiating customer grievances. Keep your IT systems under regular monitoring and check with an excellent and proficient team to iron out the hiccups. What we offer is both technical and product support at L1, L2, L3 levels.

At iBoss, we offer a configurable solution to manage your IT infrastructure as you work towards your bottom line. Use our scalable, efficient and cost-effective approach with the ultimate goal to ensure reduction of long-term support costs. We leverage the Agile development technology along with proper change and release management to streamline development cycles.

While you are busy delivering to your customers, iBoss ensures that all your information systems are performing optimally by smoothening out all hiccups, removing bugs and automating where necessary. We offer you advanced automation, performance management and capabilities boosters so that you get to manage your systems optimally in the highly complex environment. More so, bringing upon improvement in the quality of the information systems will help gauge or develop a better understanding of the required levels of availability, security, capacity, and continuity so as to be able to deliver to your customers accordingly

What sets us apart from the rest of the IT Solutions providers is our exceptional ability to gauge requirements and suggest measures that fit into the system rather than working as a standalone. We understand that generic and rigid process is not the solutions no matter how effective they are. We adopt a lifecycle approach for a more collaborative performance- from designing, transitioning and then operating.

Sudden service outages can significantly hamper the business resulting into image rupture as well as substantial monetary losses. To avoid such sudden disruptions, iBoss provides Application and Technical Support on a continuous basis. Our Application and Technical Support is simply an extension to your business processes acting as a value add without much costs involved, yet ensuring all systems are in place and you get to concentrate on your service deliveries without worrying about the technical aspects of the information systems.

The most salient features of our Application and Technical support includes:

  • IT Service Continuity Management
  • L1, L2, and L3 technical and product support
  • Service Level Management
  • Multi-Level Support Services
  • Capacity & Availability Managementns
  • Service management consulting
  • Matured release process with inbuilt Change Management
  • Continuous improvement in KRAs
  • Scalable, Efficient and Cost effective approach with in depth analysis and best resource utilization
  • Problem Management to reduce long term support cost
  • Infrastructure Support.