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Content & Workflow Management

Be in Control of all Work Processes through our Content & Workflow Management System

To be in control of extensive work processes means avoiding duplications, streamlining processes, focusing on areas that need attention and effective workflow templates to deliver impactfully. Our Content and Workflow Management solutions are specifically designed to address such issues, ensuring optimisation of resources, keeping a tab on the end-to-end content management while maintaining a robot system in place to avoid unnecessary outages.

Leveraging SharePoint and other customized solutions, we develop offerings that incorporate easy management of documents, including approvals as well as collaborations. Content and workflow management is an effective tool to contain cost and time when it comes to common business processes.

The word ‘content’ may be a simple 7 letter word but it encompasses a whole universe of describing, declaring, promoting as well as educating people. An effective content is all that it takes to reach out to specific audience with the targeted motive and come up victorious after having done what was aimed to be done. And this is where, most falter. While some content maybe too descriptive for people to lose their interest or too short – completely failing to pass on the message. We at iBoss have excelled in Content and Workflow management, after having worked with numerous clients with various requirements but always with the objective to hit the target. We understand what it takes to attract attention of people, how to retain the same or push them to take a desired action.

iBoss understands that Workflows may be a simple sequence of work activities or a complicated collection of processes. Taking control of each such aspect, we at iBoss develop workflow management solutions that offer complete visibility into all stages of the process resulting into better accountability among work team members, better checks and monitoring and overall improved efficiency. With the right workflow management solution, duplication can be avoided, repetitive tasks can be automated, and better collaboration can be facilitated.

Our Content & Workflow Management solution enablers include but are not limited to the following:

  • Workflow Templates
  • Generic frameworks to suit legacy implementation and deployment
  • Authentication and authorization modules
  • Design and Architectural guidelines
  • Connecting adapters to platforms
  • Migration modules
  • Social Media Modules
  • Access state of the art workflow