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Legacy Application Migration & Modernisation

An unhindered and seamless Legacy Application Migration and Modernisation

Software, that has been with you for a significant period of time might need an up-gradation or an up-dation to the cloud system considering the rapid technological alterations. Considering a holistic approach is the key to an unhindered experience when opting for migration or modernisation.

iBoss’ solutions are highly secure and stable based on the best breed of technologies, to ensure greater sustainability and effective scalability. Re-hosting, re-architecture are some of the steps adopted to guarantee enhanced business value and updation of functionality. We work towards delivering results that will yield a cost effective, responsive efficient business process, complete with modernised applications to help survive better in a highly competitive environment using tools such as .Net Framework 3.0, AJAX, ADO.Net and LINQ, Silver Light, TFS, etc.

With constant technological upgradations and recurring business requirement modifications, it becomes imperative for businesses to refactor or re-purpose their legacy applications. Legacy Application Migration and Modernisation is our sincere effort to understand the current systems, the current business environment, and the current needs and then bring out modifications in the applications to help build a robust yet technologically rewarding system. A deep analysis by our experts at iBoss will help analyse the suitability of the legacy programme in terms of suitability, maturity and cost benefits before offering suggestions to the same. We will ensure a seamless transition without affecting the efficacy of your applications yet with the promise of offering you an incredible experience of revamped application.

Both modernisation and migration is looked upon by iBoss as an opportunity to bring about optimisation in running the processes by identifying areas that need improvement, cut unnecessary costs and optimising resource utilisation. The resultant modified legacy application helps diminish risks, reduce costs and optimises the business processes.

Utilising the best of breed technologies, we are committed towards providing solutions that are more of value-adds to your business without incurring significant costs yet brining about a more stabilised, scalable, modern and secure business process. Salient features of our offerings include:

  • Higher efficiencies through modern technology
  • Support for new business models
  • On-demand, on-time, on-budget, cost effective and quality-centred delivery of software development services
  • Secure, stable, extensible and scalable solutions
  • Capability of delivering complete product development services as a true engineering partner
  • Understanding need accurately.