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Web & Cloud Apps

Revolutionize your customer experience with our easy and flexible Web and Cloud Apps

Gone are the days when you could survive on client servers or legacy platforms. It is time to revolutionize your customer experience, with unique web apps and cloud apps that integrate with your back-end infrastructure while adding value to your system. Built to last, these apps are quick, easy and flexible.

Leverage the extensive expertise and utmost professionalism of our team to develop highly customizable web design solutions harnessing the power of web and cloud services. We have developed Claims Management Solutions Apps to help manage claims easier, CRM Apps with dashboards for an improved customer analysis and management. Highly impactful, these solutions are scalable, providing enhanced agility resulting into reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximized Return of Investment (ROI).

Our highly professional team with extensive experience in developing web and cloud applications in addition to migrating legacy applications offers an end-to-end solution from architecting to deployment. The team at iBoss assesses the needs of each customer so as to build solutions that are typical to the needs, customised as per requirements aiming to help the customer optimally benefit from the solution while keeping the costs low. Our solutions are not just technological renditions but act as value-adds to your business in a bid to take your business forward while keeping the same technologically upgraded and future-ready.

We at iBoss are deliver cost effective solutions that are user friendly, interactive, creative and customer-built with requisite security measures built in. Our web and cloud solutions are scalable while utilizing latest technologies, including Microsoft .NET, Java, JEE, LAMP technologies and other open source functionalities.

Our Team includes Sales Force specialist having expertise on Sales Force stack of App Builders, Administrators, Sales and Service Cloud Consultants, Platform Developers, E-Mail Specialists. Our team has delivered several projects on capabilities like:

1) Data Infrastructure: Building blocks of the service. Relational databases, DFS(Distributed File System), Search high availability, Backups and DR

2) Multitenant Data Management: Platformize the raw data infrastructure to make it work for the cloud. Enable multiple customers to utilize a shared resource pool

3) Internal Development with Data: Internal Sales Force engineers build on top of this multitenant data platform

Web and Cloud Solutions at iBoss incorporates stunning features that are imperative for a successful upgradation of your business:

  • Structured Framework and Architectural Pattern Development
  • Leveraging the cloud to scale and extend legacy capabilities
  • Extensive ability for cloud migration and integration
  • Accessibility to high end services of cloud services partners
  • Eco system of wide range of cloud services partners
  • Improve IT responsiveness, resource utilization and access scalability and agility for new business creation
  • Reach to wider audience and client base with easily extensible and scalable app
  • Custom Enterprise Web Apps Development & Design