Hybrid App Development

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Mobile apps are being developed and introduced at a huge pace in this internet-dominant era. Every day, a new app hits the market with new features and utilities. Hence, Hybrid App Development Company in Dubai makes it easy for you to launch your dream app that has an edge over your competitors.

Hybrid App: A New-age Application

With an increase in internet-based devices, more people are being connected with the internet. Hence, brands that limit their applications to a single device would find themselves at a disadvantage. The time is now to develop new-age applications that can run smoothly on varied platforms. Not only will it make the target audience easier to connect and use the application, but result in superior brand promotion and increased loyalty. There is also the advantage of time and money. Hybrid apps are quicker to develop and at a reduced cost as compared to native apps. Now you can get a custom app development in Dubai and enjoy the benefits of Hybrid App Development.

Benefits of Hybrid App

Hybrid apps use features of both app and website to run in an optimum manner. It is favoured by developers because it could seamlessly incorporate device features like GPS notification, audio, camera, and contacts. Moreover, it is not limited to a single platform and could be downloaded by both Apple and Android device users. They are economical to develop since they are basically web programs. The best thing about them is their speed. Traditionally, a native app can take two to seven days for setting up since it involves processes like code packaging, setting on the app store, and waiting for approval. Hybrid app development provides this benefit of speed. Developers prefer hybrid apps because they offer hassle-free integration, deliver high-speed performance, possess a single code base and are easy to maintain, and give easy scalability.

Hybrid App- Combination of Web and Native Solutions

In simple terms, a hybrid app is a combination of both web and native solutions. Here the core of the application is written using web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, which consequently gets encapsulated within a native application. In other words, a hybrid app is actually a native app that runs most of the user interface inside the embedded browser. Hence, a general user is unable to distinguish between a hybrid and a native app, since both can be downloaded from popular play stores like Google Play and Apple App Store, stored on similar devices, and launched in an alike manner. The actual case of difference lies with the developers who instead of recoding the app from scratch for every individual mobile platform (in the case of the native app), just write part of the app’s code using JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 (in the case of the hybrid app). Moreover, rapid development frameworks like Flutter, Ionic, and PWA enable delivery at a much faster pace. App development companies in Dubai engage in hybrid app development by allowing hybrid app codes to be reused across diverse mobile operating systems. Hybrid application development helps developers and companies to adopt HTML5 mobile app development.

Choose the Right App Development Company in Dubai

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When you decide to launch an app, choose a hybrid app development company that employs flexible hybrid development and project methodology for apps that could effortlessly function on all platforms. Many app development companies in Dubai can deliver the app in the shortest time frame and pocket-friendly budget. Just make sure that the app has been rigorously tested by the quality assurance department for all types of glitches before launching them in the market. It will ensure that users do not suffer from any hurdles while using the application and this would work in the popularity of your app. Transform your business through app development solutions that are business-oriented, customizable & scalable as per requirement without missing any market opportunity or timelines